Shine Dove is purely a online jewelry store we have different types of products to manufacture like all jewelry products in 916KDM, 22k, 18k, 14k etc…

Are you providing White Gold?

Yes, Sir. We are providing White Gold also

Do you have any retail shops?

Yes, Sir. We have different branches like Meenakshi Jewells and Diamond Mall. They are also located in A.P in the regency of Vishakhapatnam and East Godavari District. And also, we have background of nearly 30+ years as jewelry manufacturing workers. Since 1970, now it came forward with an e-commerce naming SHINEDOVE, formally SHINEDOVE.com.

Where is your Manufacture Department held?

Sir or Madam, if the product gets ordered that will be manufactured by our department. It is taken care personally by our order Management team.
→We have specialized in manufacturing of
» Mumbai designs
» Kolkata designs
» Nellore designs
» Chennai designs
» Coimbatore designs
All the items are manufactured under our expert team only.

Making Charges?

Sir or Madam, We are dam sure, we are the best in price charge.

Do you provide any 916KDM?

Yes, we are providing through phone booking and you can mail us.

Can you explain about 916 KDM.

KDM is a chemical reaction when it is mixed with gold it is changed into gold, by this gold purity is increased and jewelry made by this is strong compared to other jewelry.

CoD is available up to which price?

Cash on Delivery is available up to 60,000.

Where are your diamonds certified?

Our Diamonds are certified by GCA certification lab in Hyderabad.

Can you explain about White Gold?

Gold is mixed with Rhodium, and then gold is converted to white gold.

Are you providing Rose Gold?

At present, we are not providing Rose Gold.

Are you providing CZ’s (American Diamonds) Jewelry?

Yes, we are providing CZ’s jewelry.

Can I order through Phone call (or) mail?

Yes, you can place order through phone call (or) by mail. A token number is given when order is placed. This type of order comes under Bespoke Design.

Can I exchange Gold Coins?

Yes, Gold coins are exchanged under lifetime exchange policy.

If I place an order through Bespoke Design, what is the time limit to return back jewelry?

Yes, time limit is there it is returned by within one week only. 30 days money back policy is not applicable for Bespoke Design. Life time exchange policy is applicable.

Can you explain about metal guide?
Yes, 24K gold is available in million bars. No jewelry is made with 24k because it is so soft.
→ 22k gold is 91.6% pure remaining is another metal.
 →18K gold is 75.0% pure remaining is another metal.
→14K gold is 58.3% pure remaining is another metal.
→9K gold is 37.5% pure remaining is another metal. 
How can I send my desired jewelry designs to you?

You can mail your designs or you can send to our whatsapp account also.

Is cost of CZ’s and Diamonds are same?

No, cost of CZ’s is very low compared to Diamonds.

How can I identify Diamond and CZ’s?

CZ’s are available in all colors. Sand or dirt will not scratch a CZ’s or a Diamond, but CZ’s and Diamonds will scratch a glass. A CZ stone weighs more than a Diamond.

Like Diamonds CZ’s also accompanied with certificate?

No, CZ’s are not accompanied with certificates.

Is EMI facility is available with your purchase?

Yes, we are offering this facility on purchase under 60,000.

If I am not available when your courier reaches to my location, will you come again to me?

We call before our courier comes to your location, you can inform if you are not available. If you are not there on that location, you have to come to courier warehouse and take your jewelry.

Can I select diamond setting?

No, you cannot select diamond setting.

If I want CZ’s and Diamonds in any jewelry, can I order?

Yes, you can place your order by taking help of our customer care team.

Can I order by sending jewelry code by mail?

Yes, if you want place an order through mail, you can send jewelry code by mail. It is also comes under Bespoke design.

If any damage causes with my product can I return back to you?

Yes, you can return back your product to us under 30 days money back policy or lifetime exchange policy. For damage cost is deducted and remaining amount is refunded to you account.

Can I exchange jewelry that is not buy from you?

Yes, we accept under lifetime exchange policy. We don’t accept jewelry without bills. For this you have pack the jewelry along with original certificates and bills. You have to courier the jewelry package.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our jewelry is manufactured under our order management team only. We have different manufacturing units in Chennai, Mumbai and in Andhra Pradesh.

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