How to Activate Shinedove

  1. Log in to Shinedove
  2. Check your PayLater offer under ‘Pre-approved Loans/Offers’ section
  3. Click on ‘Activate Now’
  4. Fill the form and start using PayLater Credit Line!

Buy Gold Now Pay Later Calculator

Shinedove providing buy now pay later option on jewellery purchasing

Fill up the form with your details and request for loan approval

EMI on PayLater FAQs

1. How does the "Buy Gold Now, Pay Later" service work at SHINEDOVE?

At SHINEDOVE, we are delighted to offer a convenient installment plan that allows you to purchase gold without immediate full payment. The process is straightforward: choose your desired gold product, and during checkout, select the “Pay Later” option. This feature provides you with the flexibility to pay for your purchase over time.

2. Can I use the "Buy Gold Now, Pay Later" service for jewelry from partnered stores on SHINEDOVE?

Certainly! The flexibility of our payment option extends to our partnered jewelry stores as well. Whether you have your eye on a stunning gold piece directly from SHINEDOVE or are exploring our marketplace with tie-up stores, you can take advantage of the “Pay Later” service in both cases.

3. How do I access the marketplace with tie-up stores on SHINEDOVE?

Navigate the marketplace effortlessly by exploring the jewelry section on our website. All products from our partnered stores are clearly marked, offering you a diverse selection to choose from and enhancing your shopping experience.

4. Are there any hidden fees or interest rates associated with the "Pay Later" service?

Rest assured, there are no hidden surprises with SHINEDOVE. We are committed to transparent transactions, and the “Pay Later” service comes with clear terms. Any applicable fees or interest rates will be communicated transparently during the checkout process. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless and transparent shopping experience at SHINEDOVE.

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